Bowling for Charity


Charitable Tournament Winners 2019


Greenbank Bowls Club

Jane Lowden

Jeff Lowden

Stephanie Hudd

Graham Hudd


On the last Saturday in March, Cotswold Bowls Club in Stroud were pleased to host a Charity Bowls Tournament, involving clubs from Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol, to help raise funds for Children with Cancer UK and Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The day was organised by B J Smith from Thornbury Bowls Club and Jenny Dyer from Cotswold Bowls Club, as part of a year round fund raising programme. With a small army of willing helpers the day attracted 96 enthusiastic bowlers who participated in a series of ‘round robin’ matches, culminating in a grand final at the end of the day. The finalists this year came from the Greenbank Bowls Club in Bristol and a team from the hosts in Cotswold. The eventual winners were Greenbank who scored a sensational 6 in the fourth end of seven, to take the lead and finish 8:4 winners. Whilst all the participants were keen to win the day the real winners were the nominated charities who will benefit from the £1600 raised on the day. This will be combined with monies raised at other events over the year, and including generous donations from D.H.L., Vodaphone and others, which will provide nearly £4000 of much needed funding at the end of the year. 










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