Cotswold New Year rescued by Jason's Race Night

Cotswold New Year rescued by Jason’s Race Night

New Year’s Eve has been celebrated at Cotswold Bowls Club for many years but it seemed the tradition was to be broken for 2018/2019. Until Jason Nurding proposed a race night. Posters were put up and it was hoped people would support it. Support it they did. The bar area was filled for the racing programme which started at 7.30.

There were 10 races shown on the tv screen through a DVD player kindly loaned by Averil Craddock.

Each race consisted of 8 horses and bets of £1 could be placed and then odds decided. Additionally for each race every horse was auctioned and money was payed out to the successful bidder if the horse came in the first three. Bidding was competitive and I was quite relieved on one occasion when my wife eventually conceded to higher bid. The horse she was bidding for didn’t win!!

After the last race, at about 11,30 there was music in the conservatory for everyone to welcome in the new year in the usual way. A buffet of snacks was available throughout and Liz did a great job behind the bar as usual, assisted by Alicia and Jason.

Given the appreciation shown by all afterwards to all involved, Jason, Lee, Liz, Alicia and Gordan, everyone enjoyed the evening

Many thanks to all concerned and those who attended to make a great event.

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