Indoor Tour 2020

Phew!  Our third indoor bowls tour is now history.  What a great weekend we enjoyed in the Isle of Wight!  Friendly people, lots of happy smiling faces – good hotel in Shanklin, overlooking the turbulent sea (some rather antiquated plumbing, BUT – never mind!)
Some bowlers (who shall be nameless) managed to leave their bowls at home (BUT – never mind!)
Smooth ferry crossings (what a relief, in the light of Storm Dennis!)
Warm and welcoming host Bowls Clubs, both on the island and at Basingstoke -  AND – Rosemary – what a star!  At age 91, hardly having played during previous months, on the jack nearly every time – WELL  DONE!
Interesting visits to the glass blowing factory, and to Rosemary’s Vineyard (lots of money spent here, following delicious wine tasting!)  Disappointment over planned visit to Osborne House (Queen Victoria’s Summer residence) – last minute closure due to feared Dennis Damage (BUT – never mind!)
Oh, and not to forget the wonderful “sing-along” evening given to us by our “Utheful Ukelelians'.

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