Open Day 12th August

For the first time in a number of years we are holding an 'Open Day' to encourage recruitment of new members. The event will be advertised extensively but word of mouth from Club Members can also be very productive.

We are very conscious of the slow decline that appears to be taking place in the membership of some local clubs, and so we feel that now is a good time to promote our sport as widely as we can and encourage a few more to join our ranks.

At Cotswold Bowls Club we have been trying to recruit young people so that we can develop a strong Junior Section. But, we also need to find new lady members as our numbers are slowly dropping away.

So if you know of anybody in your circle of family or friends who would enjoy an afternoon playing bowls, please bring them along.

The event begins at 12.00 noon and finished at 6.00pm.

Refreshments from the Cafeteria and the Bar will be available all day

We will arrange for bowls to be provided to newcomers, but we request that people supply their own flat soled shoes, in order to protect the green.

Free tuition will be provided.

Peter Iles - Marketing Director

join our club today!

Cotswold Bowls Club welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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