Plans for New Indoor Season

Plans are well advanced for the opening of our winter Season at Cotswold Bowls Club. A great deal of preparation will be necessary to ensure that club members can play in safety and in compliance with Government regulations .
Our season will begin this year on Monday October 12th. The only bowls matches to take place will be those internal league matches scheduled in our Handbook. There are no plans at present to play our usual weekend friendlies with other clubs or to allow casual roll ups, other than the usual Tuesday and Thursday morning scheduled events. Preparations are in hand to finalise the teams wishing to participate in our various leagues. We are aware that there are a number of players who would prefer not to play this season until the current Covid-19 crises has resolved itself and things can return to a more normal arrangement. However, for those who do wish to play every effort will be made to ensure safety at all times which will require club members to strictly obey all the rules and regulations that we are obliged to put in place, the details of which will be made known to all registered players in advance of matches being resumed. Directives and safety notices will be on display throughout the premises and must be respected if we are to ensure public safety.

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