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Returning to Bowls

In conjunction with The English Indoor Bowls Association I and my fellow Directors, are making every effort to restart Indoor Bowls on Monday the 12th October 2020.
There are a number of arrangements that we will have to put in place in order to comply with the directives from The EIBA and The Government.  We will only be opening strictly for League Games and the Tuesday/Thursday morning Roll Ups,  there will be no Friendly Games at the weekends and no casual individual roll ups in between games.
It will be necessary for us to plan a number of directions not least keeping two meters distancing or one metre provided members are wearing masks as recommended.  You will for the time being not allowed to use lockers, so you will be encouraged to remove your bowls, shoes etc., from your locker and take them home with you.  You must not wear your bowls shoes outdoors and only change them down on the rink side.
A screen will be placed on the front desk but we would ask you to bear in mind that your rink fees must be paid on entering the club, but as we are unable to give change you are required to bring the correct money to cover your fees.
Once in the Club you will be aware of the changes that we are instigating and we would ask you, in the interest of everyone to be vigilant and observe all the directives, or you will be asked to leave the club immediately.  These rules are made in the interest of safety and in consideration to your fellow players.
We have heard from a number of the League Teams that they do not wish to participate in games indoor at the moment, and this we understand completely, so we would encourage you to contact your Team Captain to clarify you teams position.
In addition the Catering/Bar Director (Dave Chamberlain) is making arrangements to open the kitchen on the 12th  for hot drinks and a limited menu with the Bar open during the evening games, so we trust that you will endeavour to support both the bar and the kitchen once again.
We are also arranging to forward to you within the next 2-3 weeks your new enrolment forms, and unless they have been returned within the allotted time set out, you will not be allowed to participate in any of the games.
 Obviously, we do not know what the future holds in respect of Covid-19 and things may change without too much notice, so for the moment we are planning everything in line with the present directives.
In conclusion we look forward, with optimism, to welcoming you back to the Club after what has been a very trying time for us all, but at the same time we would ask those of you returning to observe the rules which are being put in place not only for your own safety but for the safety of all those using the club facilities.
Bowls Director 

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