The Cotswold Bowls Club goes Digital.

In November last year a small delegation of the management team were invited to visit Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club in Poole, Dorset, to view their digital management system, and to consider whether such a system might benefit our Club.

It was felt by the Board of Directors that our Club urgently needed to consider alternative ways of managing our increasingly complex management systems which are almost entirely based on paper documentation and on the goodwill of volunteers for inputting, maintenance and presentation.

We felt that the computerised systems being pioneered by The Dolphin Club reflected a more modern and efficient way of management and could potentially relieve our small band volunteers from the many hours of work they have to put in to ensure our leagues, competitions and management requirements are met.

In Poole, we were met by David Porter, who is the paid Manager at Dolphin, and representatives of Bespoke4Business, who are building the system. We received a very full and detailed presentation of what the system is capable of, and by the end of the presentation, we could see great advantages to our club adopting such a system.

Cotswold Board of Directors, at their meeting in December, unanimously approved the purchase of a similar bespoke system and has been working with Bespoke4Business since that time to design and install our own digital management system.

It is fair to say that the new system represents a radical departure from how we have managed our administration to date. The system will in future carry out a number of functions including membership management, league and competition management, club administration, club diary, recording match scores and rink bookings.

We will also have a new Web site that will be linked with the management system and should give club members more instant access to news updates, leagues, diary information, facilities and a photo gallery.

We cannot pretend that the establishment and installation of this system has not been without its difficulties, and once installed (date still not certain) will probably have some 'bedding in issues'. This is to be expected and we will work together through those challenges.

Once established and functioning to maximum effect we are confident that the system will relieve our overworked volunteers, of hours of administration work currently carried out by hand.

When we are ready to go live, we will provide a full explanation of how members can interact with the system for maximum benefit.

I hope in the next newsletter to provide more detailed information and answer any questions members might have,

Peter lles - Marketing Director.

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