The Walker Cup comes to Cotswold

On Sunday 27th May, it was my privilege to hand over the green at our Club to two ladies teams from Somerset and Herefordshire who were playing in the preliminary round of The Walker Cup. (not the golf trophy).

Bob Garton was approached earlier in that same week to see if we could host the match when Falcon found they were unable to fulfil the fixture at their green.

Bob did an amazing job contacting various Directors for permission, supporting our green keepers who prepared the green on the day, and arranging for the caterers for the meal afterwards. We are most fortunate to be able to draw on Bobs' knowledge and competence which served us so well that week.

As i drove to the Club that day, the weather was atrocious. There was lightning and non-stop rain. The Umpire from Barnwood offered an early start to the teams which were happy to accept.

By Completion of the trial ends the rain had stopped, the sun came out and onlookers surrounded the green on three sides.

It then became so hot in the sun that we had to supply jugs of cold water to those who needed it.

Oh the vagaries of British summer!

The standard of bowling was a joy to watch. Somerset had the upper hand from the start on both rinks. They had several young players who were quite superb, pulling off exciting shots with skill and enthusiasm, which was great to see. They outplayed Hereford shire and it was agreed on one rink not to play the last two ends, as their lead was unassailable.

All the players were complimentary for the welcome they recived from Cotswold and the quality of our green and the facilities. Both sides said they would be pleased to come back to Cotswold in the future. Well done David Chamberlain and team.

This was a prestigious occasion for our club and we rose admirably to the challange. We must hope that we get the opportunity to host similar matches in the future.

Jackie Collier - Outdoor Chairperson

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