Weekend Friendly Results

With the season in full swing, Cotswold outdoors is enjoying a good run of results.

We have been able to put out 5 rinks for all our games save the ones where our opponents have been unable to field a full team.

We had one unfortunate occurrence. We knew we had a home game and were awaiting our opposition, who will remain nameless to turn up. A phone call established that they were waiting for us to turn up at their green for the game. Too late to do anything about it so we had a roll up amongst ourselves. Who was in the correct place? We were, of course, and the error was theirs.

I would like to thank our members for making themselves available for selection. It makes it so much easier for the captain when they have enough members available and hard work if they have to encourage people to play.

The weather is taking its toll on bowling greens and ours is no exception. Despite regular watering, brown patched are appearing which is not surprising given the hot, dry weather we are currently experiencing. My records show the last rainfall was a paltry 1.2mm on June 17th and 3mm for the whole of June.

The hot weather is also having an effect on our games but nobody has complained that the last few have been reduced to 18 ends instead of the usual 21 ends before we retire indoors out of the unforgiving heat to take a well earned drink at the bar.

Pens are awarded to the best winning rink and the person who wins the most pens at the end of the season is awarded to Bob Thomson trophy for the Player of the year.

As of July 7th, the leading pen winner is yours truly Dave Chamberlain with 5 wins, closely followed by Tony Barker, Bob Berry, Eddie Hayes, John Jeffrey, Kevin Stewart and Jean White who all have 4 wins. So it's close with lots of games left for anyone to win overall.

Dave Chamberlain - Captain

After 19 weekend games Cotswold have:

Won 16 - Lost 3
Wone 65 rinks - Lost 29
Scored 1896 shots with 1488 against

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